Finding the right structure for program sponsors

Sponsorships provide needed funding for program operation and administration and give opportunities for recognition that can introduce new customers to sponsors or bolster the sponsor’s reputation. Finding the right structure and balance for program sponsors is the key to a truly symbiotic relationship.



Elements of Success

Build a tiered structure
Offer levels or tiers of support for sponsors so they can engage and support the effort in a way that works for them.Create sponsored events
Sponsorship benefits can include event sponsorship of recognition and awards events and education events.

Provide public recognition opportunities
Offer sponsors opportunities for community recognition through marketing materials, onsite materials, website, and through social media.

Offer flexibility
Build flexibility into your sponsorship practice with regards to in kind donations and what those can look like. It is easier to have flexibility with in kind donations and set standards for levels or tiers of funding sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship Structure brochure

Sponsors can support implementation
Engage sponsors to provide in-kind materials directly to participants to motivate project implementation.

  • Decide on a sponsorship structure at the start and maintain it throughout the life of the program.
  • Changes to sponsorship structure during program life can cause confusion with current and potential sponsors.
  • Sponsorships can be annual (calendar year) or on-going (sustainer level) to provide maximum flexibility for potential sponsors.
  • Set and maintain a cap on retail value of in-kind donations. Doing so allows for in-kind donations but retains the emphasis on financial donations.
  • Always look for event space donations – from sponsors, vendors or participants to keep budget costs low.