Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge Initiatives

As the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge has expanded, various building types have engaged. From commercial to industrial to residential, the program touches nearly every kind of building in Atlanta. There are many educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and even fire stations that add to the diversity of participants within the ABBC. Honing in on the needs of different building types has become a primary focus of the program. One example is the City’s Affordable Multifamily Housing Challenge launched through the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability in 2015. The program provides tools and support services to multi-family housing buildings that are interested in energy and water efficiency in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge also aims to measure its own success in terms of environmental results, but also economic impact. The program recently partnered with Invest Atlanta, the City of Atlanta, and Southface Energy Institute to complete a job creation coefficient that will help determine how work done locally on energy efficiency projects has a direct correlation to jobs created. For more information refer to the blog here.