Implementation Model


Atlanta’s Better Buildings Challenge Planning
and Implementation Model

Since its launch, the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC) has successfully engaged building owners, tenants, property managers, service providers and public servants in reducing energy and water use by 20% in their buildings by 2020. We have the commitment of over 90 million square feet of building space and have achieved over 11% energy savings since 2011. We attribute our success to our Planning and Implementation Model – which we have documented in great detail in this section of our website. We invite other cities and organizations who want to develop a large scale resource efficiency or recycling program to use our proven model and custom tools.

Our model consists of 10 sections:

Each section includes:

Elements of Success
The budgeting blocks for each section

Templates and document examples

Implementation Insights
Points to consider when moving from planning to project execution

Helpful Hints
Extra tips to keep in mind for increased success


Plus examples of specific actions titled Atlanta Accents.

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