Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center

Project Cost: $2.1 million

Energy savings since 2009: 25%

Expected annual energy savings: $200,000

Major Improvements:

  1. New high-efficiency HVAC systems were installed in the exhibit hall, providing for individual zone control.
  2. Web-based building automation controls of space temperatures, shutdown/startup, and demand-controlled ventilation allow 24-hour access from any computer to control schedules and setpoints. New building automation controls will eliminate climbing 50-foot ladders daily to turn exhibit hall units on and off.
  3. High-efficiency domestic water heating systems.
  4. Replacement of existing inefficient lighting with high-efficiency LED and fluorescent lighting, and installation of controls to prevent operation during unoccupied periods.
  5. All materials removed during construction were processed through a recycling center.
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