2017 MVP Awards: Atlanta Community Toolbank

The Atlanta Community Toolbank tool lending program shares its resources with charitable groups so they can equip volunteers to efficiently complete work in less time with the right tools at a minimal cost. By using toolbank tools, nonprofits avoid the expense of purchasing, repairing, and storing tools. Just last year, the Atlanta Community Toolbank helped to equip over 230 non-profits for action, completing over 2,100 service projects.

Their facility is a one-story distribution center built in 1962 and houses the Toolbank’s offices, warehouse, and training room. Significant energy and water savings has helped put tools into more hands by focusing funds where they matter most. Some of those cost-saving projects include: daylighting via skylights which were funded by the grants to green program, restroom retrofits, the addition of cool-roof installation and led lighting upgrades. The dedicated staff and focused effort around efficiency has earned their facility an energy star score of 100!

Property type: Warehouse/distribution center